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Access Keys

To allow for greater accessibility to this website there are a variety of keyboard shortcuts to navigate around this site. The shortcuts vary dependant on the computer you are using, if you are using a Microsoft Windows computer press and hold the Alt key, then press the appropriate letter on the keyboard, followed by the return key (some browsers may not require you to press the return key). However if you are using an Apple Macintosh press and hold down the Ctrl key and press the appropriate letter, this will then take you to the page.


Page Windows Shortcut Mac Shortcut
Home Alt + h, then return Ctrl + h
Web Design Alt + w, then return Ctrl + w
Box Office Alt + b, then return Ctrl + b
DTP Alt + d, then return Ctrl + d
Contact Alt + c, then return Ctrl + c
Facebook Alt + f, then return Ctrl + f
Access Alt + a, then return Ctrl + a


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